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Welcome to our site.

Since February 26, 2008 the new direction of the restaurant, Gema Cuevas Garcia and David Salas Cortijo, opened their doors to offer our customers the opportunity to fry the typical desgusten Malaga, such as anchovies, squid, salmonetitos, coquinas, clams , Etc. ..

We wanted to know us through this website in which he will whom are our dishes, desserts and our small but very neat wine list.

We also want to offer them our great news for our customers celiac patients, which may taste our fried fish without gluten, like our monkfish soup, gazpacho, bread, desserts, even beer.

Restaurante Sabinillas

We would like to thank our customers trust us who are left on, so I invite you to the readers of this page you visit so that they can enjoy our dishes star like our soup monkfish, also our forkbeards of Barbate or Cosquín and our clams our beaches as well as anchovies of Estepona and many other fish that we offer and not least of all our views of the ocean, one of the best beaches in Malaga where you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing evening.

Next, we hope that our website and see that disfriten, do not forget to visit our guestbook to give us your opinion.

Thanks and regards.

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